• Skincare range brought to you by doctors

    Skincare range brought to you by doctors

    A Singapore-based skincare range not only works consistently but performs together synergistically as well.

    Dr Jason Yip, from the Derma-Rx clinic, advises patients on the best course of action

    Dr Jason Yip, from the Derma-Rx clinic, advises patients on the best course of action

    YOU may have heard about cosmeceuticals formulated by dermatologists and even bought some to try.

    Some of these are touted to work as well as if they were prescribed by the doctors themselves. The thing is, you need to get a consultation with a beauty therapist or understand your own skin condition well enough to know what products suit you. And even then, that could be a hit and miss affair.

    But, what if you could get a real doctor’s consultation and have him work out a tailor-made regimen for you? You could ask him all your immediate concerns on the spot and get products specifically for your need. And, all these at no extra hidden cost, with prices comparable to buying a product off the shelves.

    Sounds like a good deal and that’s the premise which Derma-Rx works on.

    Created by a group of aesthetic physicians and dermatologists in 1999, who felt that over-the-counter products did not contain enough effective active ingredients to treat certain skin ailments optimally, the brand is claimed to offer clinically researched formulations that work together for maximum benefit. Manufactured mostly in the United States, some of the products are also made in Singapore and other countries.

    In May 2010, the DRx Group along with Derma-Rx was sold to Kaya Skin (owned by Indian conglomerate Marico Ltd) which has enabled continuous research and development of the Derma-Rx range.

    The main emphasis of the brand is to ensure that not only each of the product performs consistently but that they also all work synergistically together. Treatment of specific skin ailments utilises a complete system and this allows physicians to customise a regimen for individual cases.

    The skincare programmes are built upon a practical three-step system, known as the Derma-Rx System for various skin problems, ranging from acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores, scars to fine lines and wrinkles. For the first step (Prime), the skin is prepared for treatment or nourishment. This means cleansing and toning to remove surface lipid film so that the skin is receptive to the corrective or restorative products to be applied. Step two (Remedy) is applying the recommended products based on the severity of the problem while the third step (Protect), considered one of the most important practices, is preventing the recurrence of the skin problem.

    One of the key products from Derma-Rx is the Max-C, claimed to be a potent anti-oxidant formula that targets premature skin ageing with effects of skin lightening and acne control. The Hyaluronic Moisturiser with squalane is also popular.

    Others include the Chira Wash, a cleanser for dry or mature skin; Soap Free Cleanser; Comedone Formula for reducing the appeance of comedones; Alpha Beta Gel for aged and photo-damaged skin; Botanical Whitener, a hydroquinone-free lightening agent; and a list of other products.

    Derma-Rx is available in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the Middle East and has been available in Malaysia for eight years. One of the founding members of Derma-Rx is Malaysian Dr S.K. Tan, who is currently the medical director and attending physician at the DRx Clinic in Singapore, specialising in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology. The clinic reportedly has treated more than 30,000 patients.

    The DRx clinic was opened in Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur in September 2005 and initially, Dr Tan would come in about once a month to see patients. Despite his irregular schedule, many didn’t mind the waiting just to get an appointment to see him as he was that popular.

    A range of Derma-Rx products.

    A range of Derma-Rx products.

    Since May last year, Dr Jason Yip joined the clinic as resident physician which means it has become easier to obtain Derma-Rx now without having to make a trip to Singapore. Depending on the issue, he advises the patient on the best course of action and the likely outcome. Initially, the patient may need to see the doctor more frequently to make adjustments to the range.

    A single visit is by no means cheap, but then again, one can’t be expecting commercial department store prices under these circumstances. Besides, patients won’t be getting just one product as normally, a full system of products is prescribed to address the skin problem. When you factor all that in and how it includes a doctor’s consultation as well, it works out to be a pretty reasonable solution.




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