• Review: Astute Clinic

    Review: Astute Clinic

    Alot of you have probably noticed me mentioning this clinic’s name a number of times on our Instagram stories already, and some have asked me to detail more about it so this is it! I love coming here and this is why! Continue reading   1) Astute is an Aesthetic Clinic: The number one reason,

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  • A question of beauty: science vs nature

    A question of beauty: science vs nature

    Is organic really the way to go and are cutting-edge skincare products just laden with chemicals? Finally, the experts weigh in. As technology increasingly takes over the way we run and live our lives, today nanotech isn’t just found in your 50” plasma TV or smart phone, but also in your super serums and face

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  • Gadgets for the skin

    Gadgets for the skin

    The burgeoning home device market takes the beauty experience home for your convenience. THERE’S no denying that the at-home beauty devices market is booming. In China alone, it is translated into an almost US$1.3bil (RM4.25bil) market in 2012, with a double digit growth last year; other countries boasted a similar global growth trend. While major

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  • Skincare range brought to you by doctors

    Skincare range brought to you by doctors

    A Singapore-based skincare range not only works consistently but performs together synergistically as well. YOU may have heard about cosmeceuticals formulated by dermatologists and even bought some to try. Some of these are touted to work as well as if they were prescribed by the doctors themselves. The thing is, you need to get a

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